Building Strong Communities

«Quite recently the health improving social rehabilitation center «Emerald City» was a place for rehabilitation of orphans from the entire Donetsk region. But harsh reality has changed everything. Today half-thousand children from local orphanages take shelter from the war and bombardments in our center. Coca-Cola was among the first to give a helping hand to us. They supported our kids with drinking water, gifts, sport equipments, tours and master classes. We sincerely thank Coca-Cola! The Company has always been a good example to follow, so we hope now other philanthropists will learn about our children too.»
Galyna Demchenko
Director of Social Rehabilitation Center «Emerald City»
«Together with Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine we have an impressive experience of cooperation in humanitarian aid. Known for its quality products and social projects, company is a strategic partner of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. We appreciate Coca-Cola’s efforts in supporting people affected by the conflicts in Lugansk and Donetsk regions and internally displaced persons. We also thank the company’s employees that participated in the blood donation programs and elderly care programs together with Red Cross volunteers. Our cooperation with Coca-Cola confirms the fact that the power of humanity is revealed best when it's time of hardship.»
Ivan Usichenko
President of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Human and Workplace Rights

Our daily business success depends on our employees.

Coca-Cola in Ukraine consists of a team of 1,600 employees.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the necessary talent for our business to succeed today and in the future by:

  • Helping employees to develop professionally and personally;
  • Protecting and promoting their health, safety and well-being;
  • Engaging with employees openly and honestly;
  • Respecting human rights;
  • Recognising and rewarding performance.

Strict adherence to all legal requirements is a core responsibility and a matter of honour for our business. We maintain strict compliance with the Labour Code of Ukraine and all requirements for social protection and worker involvement. Exceeding legal requirements, Coca-Cola in Ukraine provides numerous other social benefits and incentives to support its employees on the occasion of marriage, childbirth and other important events in their lives.

Every three year the independent audit commission conducts workplace accountability assessments for compliance with workplace and human rights policies. In 2012 we received “green” mark and confirmed compliance with all requirenments.


Occupational Health and Safety

Caring for our employees is one of the core values of the company that defines the approach of our top-management to labour safety.

The OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational health protection and professional and technical safety management is an internationally acknowledged system that integrates the requirements of both regulatory legal acts and preventives, regulating, social and economic, sanitary and hygienic, medical and prophylactic means and methods to ensure safe labour conditions according to the regulatory legal acts of Ukraine, world standards of the Coca-Cola system and OHSAS 18001 requirements.

Implementing OHSAS 18001 results in continual improvement of working conditions and development and implementation of measures to prevent worker safety violations. Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine has used the system for nine consecutive years to improve working conditions. An international audit company annually conducts audit for compliance with OHSAS 18001.


Health and Safety Week «Safety First!»

Every year we organise Health & Safety Week, which includes lots of activities aimed at improving knowledge of occupational health and raising awareness of workplace safety.

In 2012-2014 during Health & Safety Weeks different activities were organised: a daily quiz with prizes, a themed Driver Day, First Aid Day and Fire Safety Day.

On Health & Safety Week each employee from the plant, head office, warehouse, technical service and delivery departments had the opportunity to participate in first aid training conducted by the Ukrainian rescue service, check how dry powder extinguishers work, get useful and necessary knowledge from the quiz, test their driving skills on a racetrack, test their knowledge of traffic rules and test cars for compliance with sanitary requirements (for truck drivers).


People Development

For Coca-Cola in Ukraine to be a successful and dynamic company it is extremely important that our employees can reach their full potential. The Company invests significantly in learning and development. We also empower employees to take responsibility for their career development. The foundation is our career planning framework which clearly outlines the seven core areas in which aspiring leaders must excel: Business and Financial Results, Management, People Development, Leadership, Relationships, Growth and Innovation, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility. For each area, we define the measure of success.


Academy of Talents

The Academy of Talents is a corporate structure within the Department of Organisational Development, which is responsible for employee education and development. Being focused on the maintain the company’s values and its vision for employees, the Academy of Talents organises an educational process, a process of employee performance rating and individual planning for personal and professional development. It is worth mentioning that the projects of Academy of Talents are available to all employees. The system of training at the Academy is organised as a closed cycle based on the gradual development of the skills needed for each level of management – from the simplest (such as time-management and communication) to complex leadership skills (such as coaching, staff development, and strategic management).

Annually, about 500 employees take part in training programmes for the development of management and leadership skills.


Fast Forward Development Programmes for High Potential Employees

At Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine we’ve built well-coordinated systems of talent development and mentoring at all levels of management. The effectiveness of the system is provided for with programmes to fast forward development of high potential employees.

After conducting a potential assessment (more than 30 centres and development forums for the potential assessment of nearly 400 employees are conducted annually) the company focuses on the best employees, their professional and individual development and rapid preparation for new roles. The company invests in talent through granting them greater scope in influencing business processes (conduct of business-projects), in studies (seminars, conferences and others), in adopting experience from leading experts (tutorship, mentoring and coaching). Annually about 100 employees are found to be high-potential and take part in the Fast Forward Development Programmes. According to results for 2014, 22 participants of Fast Forward Development Programmes got promotions.


Management Trainee Programme

The Coca-Cola Management Trainee Programme started on August 31, 2012. It is oriented towards the attraction and development of talented young graduates who are called on to become future leaders. The recruitment of participants is held annually. The programme lasts for two years, in the first year participants work in turn each quarter as trainees in key business functions – with the aim of understanding general corporate processes. The second year is designed to form functional skills in targeted departments for further career building. 12 participants were chosen in 2012, 7 of them successfully completed the first year of internship. In 2014 after the final review, 4 participants confirmed potential for the next role and became supervisors.

In 2013 we welcomed 11 new participants of the programme. After the assessment of first year’s results 4 of them got an opportunity to continue internship.


Internship Programmes

In the reporting period the company twice chose 5 students out of hundreds of potential participants for internship programme. This was a unique opportunity to take the first career step, become familiarised with the business, culture and traditions of the company, to practice in accordance with education and to learn from the best functional mentors. Within 6 months participants interned under a flexible schedule (16 hours per week) in such departments as marketing, HR, technical, microbiology, quality assurance and procurement.


Expert Support within the Company

Every employee, from specialists to top-managers with valuable functional knowledge and experience has an opportunity to be recognised and share his/her experience with others. The company encourages the sharing of expertise: employee success stories, advice from professionals and managers’ publications on actual business topics are available in a special section of the intranet site.


Creating Conditions for Self-study

Since 2014 all training materials, information on schedule and participants are fixed in the Learning Pro system.

For new employees we have special Induction course, which facilitates newcomers’ adaptation and broadens their knowledge about company.

To expand opportunities for the professional development of employees, Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine has founded its own library of professional literature that is constantly updated and at present has more than 700 books. Each of our regional branches also has its own library.


We believe these actions are part of the investments in the future, such as increasing loyalty and employee motivation, transfering of knowledge within the company, developing and retaining talent, and greater achievements in the company’s business performance.


Employee Engagement

One of key principles our company adheres to is employee engagement in continual improvement processes. To avoid stagnancy, all of our activities are subject to regular review, analysis and planning.


Innovations from Employees

One of the ways engage employees is our Innovations Programme. Founded in 2003, the programme aims to inspire and reward employees for new ideas that help improve the effectiveness of business processes. Every quarter the three or four best suggestions are chosen. Since 2012 the employee engagement programme has been successfully running at Kvass Beverages.

In the reporting period about 100 employees participated in the programme. A number of interesting, sometimes unexpected and often highly valuable proposals were submitted.


«Marketing Impact Team» Programme

Aimed at maximising the usage of regional potential before summer season, Marketing Impact Team (MIT) programme is a good example of employee engagement.

Every year employees from various departments, which are not directly involved in sales, take part in this programme. During MIT week the participants get a good understanding of the merchandiser’s work, while making their contribution towards the development of partnership relations with customers. The programme’s objectives were: to increase the number of active customers, coolers and marketing equipment installations, boosting our presence in outlets.

In the reporting period the MIT programmme ran twice: in March 2012 and May 2013. All company branches were covered: more than 20,000 customers were served, more than 2,000 coolers and 25,000 in marketing equipment was installed.


Internal Audit

Ensuring an appropriate system of quality, food product safety, labour hygiene and environmental management is feasible with introduction and certification of efficient management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Standards during all stages of the technological process.

Internal audit is one of the most effective methods of internal control for Standards improvement. It is a systematic analysis, which allows for controlling compliance with the Standards used by the Coca-Cola System all over the world.

Internal audits, sometimes called «audit by one-side», are conducted with other organisations involvement or by the organisation itself. We have created our own team of internal auditors.

The internal audit plan for «Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine» is scheduled for one year. The whole territory is divided into 33 districts. Each of the districts is evaluated by a single auditor or a group of auditors depending on its complexity and size.

About 20 specialists from different departments review the compliance of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine with international and Coca-Cola standards, the state standards of Ukraine and evaluate the level of the audit’s requirements for implementation.

Compensations and Benefits


The Company’s wage determination policy is designed to ensure its competitiveness in the labour market, business needs compliance and dependence on key business results. Wage depends on position, employee experience, his/her skills and performance. Its rate is adjusted according to trends in the local labor market and the level is determined by management. Generally it is administered and discussed in the amounts, including taxes and deduction. According to Ukrainian legislation the company itself is liable for all the necessary deductions.

Besides, we have a set bonus system, which contributes to increasing the employees’ interest in improving their results, timely and quality execution of goals set. The bonus is fixed, and it is calculated based on monthly performance in accordance with the determined criteria — such as sales volume and delivery, production efficiency.


Medical Insurance

Preferencial health insurance program is implemented in the Company and has been running for many years. The insurance covers all main aspects of medical assistance in case of illness, providing employees with greater certainty in life and work. More than 1300 employees are covered by the Program as of today.

In addition, since 2013 the health insurance program operates through intermediary of an insurance broker who provides consultations to employees as well as helps in dealing with difficult insurance claims.


Children’s Holidays

Our Company pays special attention to employees’ children, caring about their health and activities during the summer holidays. Company employees, who have children aged 7-14 years old, can send them to the summer camp. The company defrays the main part of expenses and together with their parents chooses the camp.

Special New Year’s parties for children are also organised as exciting celebrations with fun-filled entertainment, competitions and gifts.


Unique Experience

We respect and honour our employees for their contribution and are thankful to everybody for fruitful labour. The company has a Motivation Programme for employees who have served 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. At the end of every month we come together and celebrate Anniversary Day. The company leaders award employees celebrating an anniversary with special prizes. From the beginning of the programme 1,152 people have received silver badges for five years of service, 411 – gold badges for 10 years, 102 employees – crystal globes for 15 years and 5 employees for 20 years of good work received special awards and gift certificates.

Supporting Youth Development

Coca-Cola® Visitors’ Centre

In October 2012 Europe’s largest interactive Coca-Cola® Visitors’ Centre has been opened. The opening ceremony was devoted to the 20th anniversary of Coca-Cola in Ukraine.

The Visitors’ Centre consists of many themed displays and a cinema. It is equipped with the most advanced presentation technology, including a heliodisplay that projects a 3D show; an interactive lake with virtual fish and is distinctive in its approach to exposition content: besides the invention and development history of the world-famous drink, a large part is dedicated to the environment, water resources, and the importance of their sustainable use.

The excursion programme also includes a plant tour providing opportunity to witness the process of our beverages production.

64,000 guests attended our Visitors’ Centre in 2012-2014.


Rich Kids® Juice Plant in KidsWill

In November 2014 a new station was opened in the children's professions town KidsWill – Rich Kids® Juice Plant.

Young explorers can join all stages of juice production – from a fruit tree to a finished product. There you can find a charming garden where eco-fruits grow and technological station with the latest equipment.

Kids can try themselves as technologists. In a fun entertaining and educational atmosphere of Rich Kids® Plant young technologists learn to make their first delicious juices.


Festival «Let’s Change the World for the Better!»

Coca-Cola is a long-time partner of the «Let’s Change the World for the Better!» festival.

Launched in 2001, the festival promotes communication between children of different nationalities and religions and the development of tolerance among young people, which in turn helps them in solving global and local human problems. For 13 years about 10,000 young people from 77 countries have visited the festival.

During the 2012 festival the third session of the General Assembly of the International NGO «International Childrens’ League of Nations» took place. In 2013 the OSCE Children and Youth Summit was organised for the first time within the framework of the festival.

Coca-Cola helps to maintain a good atmosphere by organising art events and competitions that bring children of different nationalities together for creative common tasks.

In 2012 during the flash mob «Friends of Coca-Cola®» participants made the largest bottle of Coca-Cola. «Living bottle» reached a size of 8 metres wide and 24 metres long. Some 700 children from 54 countries participated in creating the record. «Flash mob» got into the Record Book of Ukraine!


Festival of Children’s Reading «Bookmania»

In 2007 Coca-Cola Ukraine started a partnership with the National Publishers’ Forum which takes place every year in Lviv. This is a unique social, cultural and intellectual event on the Ukrainian calendar. The National Publishers’ Forum organises special events to encourage reading among children and youth – the Festival of Children’s Reading «Bookmania» and the national contest «Ukraine’s Best Reader», which Coca-Cola continues to support. This contest encompasses schoolchildren in all regions across Ukraine, and the best of them – winners of the regional rounds – are granted a trip to Lviv, where they meet famous writers and artists, as well as take part in interactive performances and quizzes.

Annually around 200,000 young competitors take part in the contest «Ukraine’s Best Reader».

Around 60 regional winners arrive in Lviv for the finals during the «Knyhomania» Festival.


Charitable Programmes for Socially Vulnerable Kids

Along with financial support and free beverages for orphans and kids with special needs, Coca-Cola in Ukraine also promotes employee volunteer activities in this area.


In 2012-2014 we organised 12 waves of charitable collection of presents for orphans, children with disabilities and children displaced from conflict zones.

We give special attention to creating conditions for active and healthy leisure for vulnerable kids. It has become a good tradition for Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine to visit Summer Camp in Sobolivka village, where more than 200 children from orphanages and social rehabilitation centres of Brovary district live. In the reported period our employees visited Summer Camp twice. They brought presents, sport goods for active leisure and played beach volleyball with kids. And in June 2014 we opened children’s playground for “Nadia” orphanage in Mokrets village, Brovary district. These activities were co-organised with «Blagomay» Charitable Foundation.


Year by year, the company tries to increase employees’ engagement in visiting children's social institutions - not just colleagues from head office and plant, but also sales branches. Thus, in December 2014 New Year Coca-Cola Charity Caravan drove through the whole country – our employees from 12 cities visited 15 orphanages and social centers, where 1462 kids live!

For «Coca-Cola Ukraine» employees it has also become a good tradition to visit ill children on St Nicholas Day. Thus, 20 volunteers from the company visited children who were patients of the National Cancer Institute in 2012, and the next year – patients in the AIDS Centre at the National Children’s Specialised Hospital «Okhmatdyt». Entertainment was arranged and presents were distributed from donations collected from employees.


Since 2014 we also care about social rehabilitation centre for orphans «Emerald City» in Svyatogirsk, Donetsk region. Centre became a shelter for about 500 kids displaced from war zone orphanages of Eastern Ukraine.

Before New Year holidays Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine together with «Blagomay» Charitable Foundation has supplied sport equipment for 4 gyms and monthly supply of juices. The presents were carefully packed into the red Coca-Cola truck and delivered to destination.

On the occasion of St. Nicholas Day our company in cooperation with «Mystetskyi Arsenal» held a trip to Kyiv for 40 kids from the centre. Kids had an opportunity to visit Coca-Cola Visitors’ Centre, plant and receive practical job search tips from Coca-Cola employees. Then children continued their trip and visited Christmas fair at «Mystetskyi Arsenal».


Educational Programmes for Children

In September 2012 Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine supported the children’s project Spark!Lab, hosted by the National Museum Centre Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Coca-Cola carried out a number of interactive environmental workshops for children «Packaging, give up!» together with Tetra Pak Ukraine. Workshops were aimed to raise kids’ awareness of responsible packaging re-use and demonstrated to the young audience how to make a new sheet of cardboard out of empty packages of juice.

In May 2013, the Arsenal of Ideas first opened its doors at Mystetskyi Arsenal. It has an innovative programme combining broad educational and creative goals for children and teens. Coca-Cola became a partner of Arsenal of Ideas and co-organised several projects.

Thus, during 2013-2014, in cooperation with Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine the interactive installations «Ukrainian panel» and «Share your dreams!» were created, as well as the unique eco-installation «Sensorium» made of organic raw materials allowing children with special needs to examine and touch it.

Annualy 90,000 kids attend Arsenal of Ideas.

Disaster Relief & Strengthening Communities

Partnership with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Partnership between Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) started in 2009 in response to the H1N1 flu outbreak in Ukraine.

January 27, 2012 was a remarkable day in the history of the partnership between Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the URCS: on this day a long-term Partnership Agreement was signed, which covers development of joint projects and programmes aimed at emergency response, support for people with disabilities, lonely elderly and other socially vulnerable people.

In February 2012 both sides acted swiftly to assist thousands of people at risk from the extreme cold which swept across Ukraine that month. The Company arranged deliveries of drinking water and juices to rescue sites, medical and social services centres. Through this joint effort, more than 117,000 people were cared for.

In September 2013 the partners united again to assist Ukrainians suffering from flooding in the Odesa region. The Company delivered humanitarian aid to areas affected by the floods. On top of logistical support, the company also provided drinking water, which was distributed among victims in the Odesa region.

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine also helps the Ukrainian Red Cross to strengthen its emergency relief service. Thus, in 2014 the company provided two waves of logistic support in supplying regional organizations of the URCS. During one week in March and August, materials and equipments were delivered across Ukraine that helped Red Cross volunteers to respond efficiently during emergencies and provide help to displaced persons.

In the reporting period the company together with the URCS has provided 133,500 litres of beverages to victims of emergencies and socially vulnerable people across Ukraine.


«Donate Blood – Save a Life!»

June 14, 2013 – on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day our company for the first time organised an internal initiative «Donate Blood – Save a Life!».

Since then we had already 4 events during which 166 Coca-Cola employees donated 65,6 litres of blood to Kyiv City Blood Centre. Coca-Cola also presented Kyiv City Blood Centre with a professional tonometer.


Partnership with the UNICEF

In 2014, in partnership with the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine drinking water in amount of 6,000 liters was handed over to support children displaced from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

Supporting Local Communities

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine aims to operate sustainably and to bring lasting positive changes in the social development of communities.


The Castle Heritage Conservation Programme

Since 2011 we annually participate in the restoration of Pidhirtsi Castle in the Lviv region, a real pearl of Ukrainian architecture. This grand castle with 400 years of history has been placed on a list of 100 sights of the world that need immediate restoration.

In April 2012 Coca-Cola volunteers have worked on terraces of the castle, levelled borders, cleaned park alleys around the castle, prepared an area for the installation of a monument to Taras Shevchenko and helped in archaeological excavations of a 18th century fountain.

In autumn2013-2014 our volunteers landscaped part of the castle area and arranged the park main entrance. Also 20 meters drainage ditch was dug and outbuildings doors were painted.

Over three years 110 volunteers from Lviv and Zakarpattya branches, head-office and Lviv «Ecofan» team participated in the restoration works.

The importance of our programme of castle restoration was also confirmed by our victory in National Corporate Volunteer Contest-2012 in the Culture category. The contest was initiated by East Europe Foundation along with the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine, the European Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum.


Partnership with Mystetskyi Arsenal

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine became the first corporate member of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Friends Club, which was launched three years ago.

During the reporting period, we supported 23 large-scale exhibition projects there, including the first Kyiv International Biennial of Contemporary Art ARSENALE-2012.

The company also launched a so-called «art charity» - supporting the museum within the «Let's Create Mystetskyi Arsenal Together!» Internet project, involving employees. A contest among Coca-Cola employees for the best Ukrainian ornament for the Virtual Wall of the Museum was announced and more than 40 exciting works were presented to the jury. As a result of this action, now a Virtual Wall of the Mystetskyi Arsenal is decorated with a symbolic Ukrainian ornament.


Support in Brovary district

As a responsible and socially active citizen of Brovary district, Coca-Cola supports all significant events in the district and helps solve urgent problems affecting local communities.

In January 2012, we visited the Brovary regional hospital with a special mission. Having learned the emergency brigade of the hospital lacks a defibrillator, our company decided to provide this equipment.

During the reporting period we organised two environmental events in the villages Velyka Dymerka and Litochky in the Brovary district that included the purchase and planting of 150 trees with the participation of our employees and the local community.

In September 2013 we marked a significant date – the 90th anniversary of Brovary district. Coca-Cola congratulated residents of the district and supported the celebration ceremony. Especially on this occasion the district administration awarded our company with a commemorative medal «For Valorous Labour»!

The company also supported different sporting events such as the annual Football Cup in Velyka Dymerka, and the ice hockey competition «Independence Cup» in Brovary.

Cooperation With Media

University of Journalists’ Skills

In the reported period the University of Journalists’ Skills continued its work. The «University» was jointly founded by the Periodicals Publishers Association and Coca-Cola in Ukraine and provides a platform for educational modules for young journalists from all Ukrainian regions. The module of 2012 focused on the topic «Work with the readers: skills of the modern journalist». The topics of the modules in 2013 were «the civil mission of the journalist is to help people follow active healthy living» and «writing about HIV/AIDS: from knowledge to skilful writing». This module was organised on the eve of the International HIV/AIDS Day.

The format of this module was innovative: for the first time an educational module was interlinked with a variety of other activities like theoretical and practical work in the classroom, a visit to the Kyiv City HIV/AIDS Centre with the opportunities to take brief interviews from its personnel and a visit to a modern art exhibition on HIV/AIDS at the PinchukArtCenter. As a result, more than 25 articles on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine were published by our students.

In 2014, more than 50 regional journalists participated in two workshops: “Modern Technologies for Journalists: from Hand-Made Visualisation to Social Networks” and “Modern Journalism for People”. Both modules were focused on active healthy living.

Around 150 young journalists attended the University in 2012-2014.


A Taste of Celebration

Every year, the children of Ukrainian journalists receive special New Years’ gifts from Coca-Cola Ukraine. On New Year’s Eve the company invites children and their parents to a celebration where they can watch a fairy-tale performance and meet clowns and Santa Claus. Every festival ends with gifts.

More than 400 children and their parents-journalists from 10 leading Ukrainian periodicals and TV channels annually attend New Year parties from Coca-Cola.

These parties have become loved by children and parents alike, who send dozens of thank you letters and positive feedback to Coca-Cola every year.

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