Enhancing Personal

«We are proud of our partnership, as Coca-Cola not only supports sports projects but aspires to promote healthy lifestyle and to boost sports culture among Ukrainians. The Klitschko Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation partnership resulted in construction over 140 new children’s sport grounds across Ukraine! The purpose of ongoing project «Call friends – let’s play together» is to return to children a love for sports and interest in physical education. So much work ahead and our partnership continues!»
Wladimir Klitschko
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Founder of the Klitschko Foundation
«Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine is one of the main enterprises that forms district budget. The Company does business transparently and responsibly, pays taxes to the local budget, create jobs, pays wages on time. Company employees are actively involved in social life and help Brovary district orphanage, plant trees in recreation areas, participate in sport competitions.»
Volodymyr Sin’ko
Head of Brovary district administration


Since the first Coca-Cola was served in 1886, our consumers' well-being has been an integral part of our values and vision. Today, 128 years later, from the beverages we offer to how we label and market them to local physical activity programs we support, our consumers' well-being is interwoven into the fabric of our company, both as a responsible corporate citizen and as a community partner.

Our Beverages

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine produces, sells and distributes some of the most popular beverage brands in the world, including Coca-Cola®, Fanta®, Sprite®, Coca-Cola light®, Schweppes®, as well as local juice brands Rich® and Dobriy®, BonAqua® water, and others. The range of Coca-Cola® beverages offered in Ukraine is continually changing to meet the tastes of our consumers.

While some of our beverages, such as Coca-Cola®, Fanta® and Sprite®, have universal appeal and are recognized the world over, others are created to suit the tastes, traditions and preferences of consumers in the local marketplace.

Drinks Categories

  • Sparkling beverages: Coca-Cola®, Coca-Cola light®, Fanta Orange®, Fanta Lemon®, Fanta Strawberry®, Fanta Mandarin®, Sprite®, Schweppes Bitter Lemon®, Schweppes Indian Tonic®;
  • Water: natural water for human consumption BonAqua® (carbonated, lightly carbonated, non-carbonated);
  • Juices and juice drinks: Rich® (13 flavors), Rich kids® (4 flavors), and Dobriy® (4 flavors).
  • Energy drinks: burn®, burn Intense Energy®, burn Refreshing Energy®, and Gladiator®;
  • Ready-to-drink teas: Nestea® (4 flavors).
  • Kvass Yarylo: «Spravzhniy»®.

Quick serve restaurants can offer their customers Coca-Cola®, Fanta Orange®, Sprite® and Kvass fountain beverages, served from ‘post-mix’ fountain machines provided by the Company.


Food products quality and safety management systems are fully implemented at Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine. These systems are certified with international standards ISO 9001, PAS 223 and FSSC 22000 as well as relevant national standards. We have a rigid selection and approval system for raw materials, ingredients and packaging suppliers.

We measure key product and package quality attributes at the production to ensure our products meet Company requirements and consumer expectations. The global nature of our business requires that the Coca-Cola system has the highest standards and processes for ensuring consistent product safety and quality.

To ensure such consistency and reliability, we also comply with the corporate standards KORE. It is the integrated quality management program, which holds all of our operations systemwide to the same standards for production and distribution of our beverages.


Ensuring high quality and safety of our products is most important for our business.

It means that our beverage plant — one of the most modern and most powerful plants in Europe — meets Coca-Cola standarts and the highest Ukrainian and world quality standards.

Setting annual goals for quality and safety of food products at all technological processes provides continual improvement and compliance with all the standards.

Monitoring of product quality and package quality indeces is one of the elements of quality management system.

Product and package quality indices, %

Product Quality Index
Package Quality Index


All water used in our beverages complies, and in some case is even higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization and the Ukrainian legislation.

Independently selected samples are taken from stores on a monthly basis and tested in a specialized Coca-Cola laboratory in India for compliance with the Company quality standards.

The program of annual water examination is conducted in the independent laboratory of SGS Institut Fresenius, German.


Besides, company requires its suppliers to follow the same requirements towards quality and food safety. Control over materials and services they provide is carried out through audits and incoming goods inspection.


International audit company annually conducts audit for compliance with ISO 9001, PAS 223, FSSC 22000.

Transparent Nutritional Information

We believe well-informed people make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Progress begins with information. That’s why we’re putting calorie information up front to help you make choices to meet your needs and those of your family. Our goal is to make informed decisions even easier.

Provide transparent nutrition information,
featuring calories on the front of all of our packages

We do not use ingredients that are genetically modified or derived from genetically modified organisms.


Consumers can find further information about specific beverages, ingredients and nutritional content through our websites and consumer response hotline.

Help get people moving by supporting physical activity programs in every country where we do business

Responsible Marketing

We recognize the power of marketing and the importance of doing so responsibly. We have reaffirmed our long-held policy of not marketing to children. We are committed to not marketing to children younger than 12 anywhere in the world because we believe parents and caregivers are in the best position to make decisions about what children eat and drink.

Under our policy, we do not directly target children younger than 12 in our marketing messages, and we do not advertise during programming specifically targeted to children. We do not buy advertising directly targeted at audiences whose makeup is more than 35 percent children younger than 12. And our advertising does not show images of children drinking our products unless the children are shown with a parent or caregiver. Our policy applies to all of our beverages and to all of the media outlets we use, including television, radio, print and, where data are available, Internet and mobile phones.

Responsible marketing, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world

Our responsible marketing guidelines include a global industry policy to not buy advertising directly targeted at audiences that are more than 35% children under 12. This applies to TV, radio and print, and, where data is available, to the Internet and mobile phones.


Our Global School Beverage Guidelines, developed in 2010, guide our practices across the 200+ markets in which we operate.

UEFA EURO 2012™ Marketing Activity

The largest and most significant event in Ukraine’s modern history – UEFA EURO 2012 created some of the most unforgettable football moments through 31 matches played over 26 days. And the preparations and anticipation lasted for much longer. Coca-Cola® started preparing for EURO a full two years before the actual event in the belief it would be a success for Ukraine.

As an official partner of the Euro championships, Coca-Cola Ukraine created an environment to stimulate passion for football throughout all four host cities and raise enthusiasm among all

Coca-Cola consumers.

A couple of weeks before the tournament started Poland and Ukraine welcomed the UEFA EURO Cup Trophy Tour. The Cup travelled to seven Polish and seven Ukrainian cities. This was a unique opportunity to create a more exciting football experience and raise passion levels ahead of the football. The Coca-Cola® activation zone featuring different entertainment: face painting, table football, and karaoke was installed on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv’s main square, where the Cup was displayed.

The Coca-Cola® National promotion generated more than 5 million registered codes and led to the redemption of more than 600,000 promotional prizes including: football branded T-shirts, glasses, balls and of course tickets to UEFA EURO 2012 matches, including 40 tickets to the final match. As a result, Coca-Cola® became the #1 football associated brand among youth (according to the Ukrainian Marketing Group agency), and more than 60% associated Coca-Cola® as being the main sponsor of the Euro event.

Coca-Cola® activities at the official UEFA fan-zones were recognised as the most engaging, exciting and fun. The Crazy Fan Clubs were visited by more than 400,000 people. A huge 3D

Coca-Cola® football style bottle served as the background for thousands of photographs and became a real symbol of the football event. Giant Coca-Cola branded balloons were seen by fans watching matches at the Official Fan Zones. More than 3 million people who visited the UEFA fan-zones in four cities were given 200,000 football-related prizes and an additional 100,000 more were handed out during the final game.

We created history together and we are confident that the memories and the passion created through this spectacular event will continue to significantly have an impact the Coca-Cola system in Ukraine.


BonAqua® – water from the Earth’s depth

BonAqua® is a natural drinking water suitable for daily consumption, and we offer this high-quality drinking water to consumers. BonAqua® is extracted from a depth of between 220 and 380 metres from Jurassic and Cenomanian period aquifers that formed hundreds millions years ago. Solid rock effectively protects these water bearing layers. Thanks to the extraction process, bottling on site and a rigid quality control system BonAqua® is crystal-clear, maintains its natural taste and mineral qualities from the Earth.

In 2012 Arno Steguweit, Europe’s leading water sommelier, tested Ukrainian BonAqua®, his opinion on the taste was impressive:

«BonAqua® starts with a short sigh when opening the bottle, then on the palate it is very smooth and silky, with a cool and refreshing attitude. In middle part hardly any irritants are noticeable at all and the water on the tongue feels quite elegant. It offers a clearly stated character at this point. Just in the end there is a discreet bitterness that arises for a moment, but in the after-taste a satisfactory feeling remains. Its overall appearance can be described as clear, clean and crisp. Very pleasant!»


In spring 2013 BonAqua® undertook some changes for the sake of the environment. A new bottle appeared in a unique ECOshape, which weighs much less and contains 20% less PET (compared to the previous bottle), using less plastic means preserving natural resources and a decrease in СО2 emissions. Also the bottle is easily crushed or compressed leading to decrease in the volume of household waste.

Promoting Active Healthy Living

Cooperation with the Klitschko Foundation

Since 2006 the charitable organisation «The Klitschko Foundation» and Coca-Cola Ukraine have conducted a joint project entitled, «Call your friends – Let’s play together!» to construct children’s sport playgrounds throughout Ukraine. The aim of the project is to foster a love of sport among teenagers reintroduce the concept of healthy lifestyle in city culture and promote the idea of sport at home for the whole family. The 10 square-metre playgrounds meet all environmental standards and are notable for their creative and fun design.

The project is competition based. Communities of at least 20 people are asked to describe their way leading active lifestyles and send it in a written-application to the project’s organisers, who would then select the winners.

In 2013, the focus of the contest was changed from communities to schools. This new approach brought impressive results: more than 700 applications were received.

During 2012-2014, 42 new sport grounds were constructed across Ukraine, making 141 in total as of the end of reporting period.

Every opening of a new sport playground is a holiday for the local community. The event gathers the whole village or a district in a city. In 2014, Oksanyna village near Uman, Cherkasy region, was lucky to receive honorary guests: Roger Gauntlett, General Manager of Coca-Cola Ukraine, and Volodymyr Klitschko, world-known boxer, visited the school on the occasion of the new sport playground opening.

The project, however, does not stop on sports ground openings. The Klitschko Foundation continues to follow up, and organises an autumn competition among those who received the equipment. Children have to demonstrate their best skills on the equipment. In 2013 and 2014, the results of these competitions were posted in social media and were open to public voting. As a result of the vote, Rovenky Secondary School (Luhansk region) in 2013 and two teams, from Savyntsi in Vinnytsia region and Veselivka in Kirovograd region, won special trips to Kyiv.

More than 12,000 people participated in the online vote in 2013 and almost 18,000 – in the 2014 vote.


Partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine

The Coca-Cola Company has partnered with the Olympic Games globally since 1928.

In Ukraine, strong partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOC) started in 1996. We have jointly implemented a number of projects: an Olympic Torch Relay on the eve of the Athens Olympic Games, an Olympic mascot for the Ukraine National Team, and more. Such large-scale events as Olympic Day, Olympic Lesson, and Heroes of Sport’s Year are held annually.

In 2013, Coca-Cola Ukraine organised additional activities during Olympic Day and Olympic Lesson in Kyiv. These are two popular events when anyone can try their hand at various types of sports right on the city’s main street. On these occasions, part of Khreschatyk Street in Kyiv is turned into a Coca-Cola athletics field. Special promoters equipped with «fun scanners» were walking the street, testing energy levels and advising to people to spend extra time exercising. All participants who completed six types of exercise received a frisbee to continue their active lifestyle.

In 2014 Olympic Day in Kyiv has changed its location to Obolonska Naberezhna. The event fitted everyone and offered exercises in table football, balancing on the balanceboard; “Olympian” warming-up, participation in various contests, games and master-classes; and join traditional run with famous Ukrainian sportsmen.

These events gathered more than 12,000 people in Kyiv. Through the NOC representatives in 27 regions of Ukraine, Olympic Day and Olympic Lesson were spread nationwide, having engaged around 3.5 million people.

In 2013 cooperation between the NOC and Coca-Cola has expanded with one more special project under a grant support from The Coca-Cola Foundation: «Do Like Olympians».

This project offers participation in a master-class led by an Olympic sportsman, have a friendly talk with the sportsman without barriers, ask for advice and recharge with energy and optimism, grow beliefe in yourself – same way as Olympic sportsmen did. The special set of exercises performed by the children with the sportsman was developed by Olympic Bronze winner Anna Bezsonova. A CD with the recorded exercises is distributed among schools across Ukraine.

The first wave of the project that lasted in December 2013 through June 2014 covered over 130 schools. Over 8,500 schoolchildren participated in the classes, and around 16,000 parents and fans were engaged. But what’s even more important: over 30% among those who participated in the “Do like Olympians” started their regular morning exercises.


Special Olympics

Special Olympics are the world's largest year-round programme of sports training and competition for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the sister of US President John F Kennedy, Special Olympics has grown into a global movement that currently serves more than 3 million athletes in 180 countries all around the world.

Special Olympics Ukraine was officially established in March 2002 through Ukrainian athletes with intellectual disabilities have been taking part in Special Olympic international events and every World Games since 1995.

Today Special Olympics Ukraine is a national-level organisation with more than 18,700 athletes in 17 regions of the country. However, this number is only a fraction of the approximately 1 million people with intellectual disabilities who live in Ukraine.

Since the Special Olympics were founded in 1968, The Coca-Cola Company has become its active global supporter providing funds and in-kind donations, including volunteer work, equipment, uniforms and other materials and services for Special Olympic competitions.

Since 2010 the Special Olympics in Ukraine receives grants from the Coca-Cola Foundation. Thanks to these grants, the «When We Compete We Don’t See Differences» programme was implemented in 2012, and the «I know I can!» programme in 2013. In 2014, five major events by the Special Olympics were supported with the grant. Among them – Special Olympics European Games, attended by 26 Ukrainian athletes. These programmes, first of all, aim to physically develop the Special Olympic athletes, and also focus on social inclusiveness and promoting tolerance towards people with special needs in Ukraine. Such sport events like European Basketball Week, Football Weeks, Special Olympics Ukraine Regional Games, and many other tournaments take place within these programmes. Around 3,000 athletes and more than 1,000 coaches, volunteers and fans participate in the programmes.


Stars of Pole Vault

For 10 years Coca-Cola in Ukraine has supported the Stars of Pole Vault tournament that takes place annually in Donetsk, Ukraine, and is organised by Sergiy Bubka, National Olympic Committee President and Olympic champion.

The tournament has been held since 1991 and is considered to be the biggest sporting event in Donetsk. The best athletes from all over the world, including national record holders and Olympic champions come to compete. In 1997 the tournament was included into the official sports calendar of the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation). Many times world records were set: three times among men (including Sergei Bubka, Ukraine – maximum height 6.15 meters in 1993) and eight times among women (including Elena Isinbaeva, Russia – maximum height 5.00 meters in 2009).

In 2014 Fabiana de Almeida Murer (Brazil) won among women, having reached 4.62 meters. Renaud Lavillenie was the first among men. He conquered 6.16 meters, and it has become not only 2014 record. He has broken the 6.15 meters record established by Sergiy Bubka in 1993 at the same “Stars of Pole Vault” trounament.


«Leather Ball - Coca-Cola® Cup»

Since 2010 Coca-Cola in Ukraine has been supporting the «Leather Ball – Coca-Cola Cup» tournament. The football tournament was founded in 1965 by the «Komsomolskaya Pravda» newspaper of the former USSR. The tournament aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among teenagers and to discover new footballing talent. With Coca-Cola joining the tournament, the latter was given the new name and a new modern logo – but what’s more, a new phase in its development and new opportunities.

Annually, the tournament gathers hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren competing for victory. Ukrainian football star Andriy Rebrov, whose professional path also started from «Leather Ball», serves as an inspiration to young sportsmen.

Every year about 650,000 children united in some 50,000 teams from across Ukraine participate in this tournament.

Coca-Cola® also regularly creates unique and memorable opportunities for the best players of the tournament.

As an official partner in UEFA EURO 2012™, Coca-Cola® selected more than 40 of the best players of the season for an honourable mission to bear the flag of one of the team-participants during the matches of EURO 2012.

Eight of the most talented young players from the «Leather Ball - Coca-Cola Cup» tournament became the flag bearers at the final match of EURO 2012. They will likely remember running onto the field as flag bearers for the rest of their lives thanks to the unique programme only Coca-Cola could offer!

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, the Coca-Cola Company organized international children’s football camp “Copa Coca-Cola” at Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Camp hosted 116 children from 28 countries around the world where similar Coca-Cola tournaments are held. Denys Halata and Denys Dushkin, the best players of “Leather Ball – Coca-Cola Cup” 2012-2013 season, participated in the camp. The boys enjoyed unique experience: visited the opening match of the World Cup, met famous football players, get acquainted with their mates from other countries and have a coaching session in international teams. We hope to see them among the world famous football players in a couple of years.


Cooperation with the Olena Pinchuk AntiAIDS Foundation

Unfortunately, the problem of HIV/AIDS is becoming more and more dramatic for our country. Ukraine has one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. Every day 57 new cases are registered and eight people die of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. What’s even sadder, is about 80% of HIV-positive people are under 30 years old.

In order not to ignore the problem, Coca-Cola in Ukraine joined in efforts with the Olena Pinchuk AntiAIDS Foundation in 2010. And in 2012 they initiated the «Safe Connection» project aimed at raising awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth and promoting active lifestyles.

The project started with an internet survey to measure the rate of awareness of Ukrainian internet users about HIV/AIDS. The results were not cause for optimism and demonstrated only 5% of Ukrainian internet users showed any interest in the problem. Therefore, an internet platform for information dissemination on HIV/AIDS was created. The Safe Connection pages in Facebook and VKontakte provided space for young people to discuss HIV/AIDS topics, safe sex or chat with experts online. Within six months the number of Safe Connection users amounted to 1,500 people.

The next stage of the project took place in summer 2011 during the Kazantip electronic music festival. The Safe Connection Zone was created there. Training by Oleksandr Pedan, a famous Ukrainian TV presenter, was among its activities.

More than 800 people participated in the training. Additionally, Coca-Cola and the AntiAIDS Foundation announced a contest among bloggers who were to describe their 12 principles to active healthy living. The winner received free «visa» to the festival.

In 2013 «Safe connection» appeared as a digital platform – http://safeconnection.org. It also continues its activities on a Facebook and Vkontakte. Consultations by experts, chats with celebrities, photos and articles devoted to active healthy living – all this content helps us loudly say «NO» to HIV/AIDS.

The project also includes off-line activities. Thus, in 2014 five trainings on active healthy living were organized. They gathered 150 participants. Webinars have also become a part of the educational process. In addition, around 400 people participated in two off-line quests in Kyiv and Lviv.

As of today jointly Coca-Cola and AntiAIDS Foundation had reached an audience of 15 million people through the project’s activities. All of these people have become more educated about HIV/AIDS, ways of its transmission and prevention.


Movement Gives Life

In 2012 our company started cooperation and exchange of international experience with the Ukrainian Public Organization “Association of Preventive and Antiaging Medicine” (APAM). This NGO unites more than 13,000 doctors all over Ukraine and conducts educational projects for them. The goal of these projects is to educate medical specialists about preventive and control measures over current illnesses in order to increase the duration and quality of Ukrainians’ life.

With the help of the “Association of Preventive and Antiaging Medicine” we have published an “Advisor for the Whole Family” about active lifestyle in 2013. Jointly we have launched a series of trainings “Chronical Illneses: Prophylaxis and Control” for doctors. The trainings take place in various cities across Ukraine. Overall, we had 20 joint trainings during 2013-2014. In addition, there were “hotlines” with media during which people called to get experts’ advice on nutrition, hydration, physical activities and healthy lifestyle.

In 2013, APAM has launched a website “Live Actively” http://zhyvyaktyvno.org/. This is a source of trusted information about active lifestyle and its components. The site contains various health calculators; provides access to consultaions with experts; offers interesting publications, surveys and research data; useful infographics and blog pages. All these resources turned the platform into a popular scientific website. It also has an additional option for doctors – access to special scientific researches and research papers, as well as distant learning.

Furthemore, the “Association of Preventive and Antiaging Medicine” is a partner of the National Olympic Committee who helps us in implementing many projects in active healthy lifestyle.


Coca-Cola® Football Cup

Active healthy lifestyles and fun sport activities became an essential part of our employees’ lives. The internal Coca-Cola Football Cup is a prominent example. Being national, every year the Coca-Cola Football Cup involves more than 300 employees from all branches, plant and head office.

The company’s national football team participates successfully in football business-competitions. For instance, our team has regularly taken part in the football tournament among the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine since 2005 and has won the competition four times.


Move Week

In October 2014 an internal programme Move Week was held with a full week of activities to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and the caloric content of food, as well as providing opportunities to be active and have fun.

Program included internal volleyball tournament, morning exercises, expert’s lecture on balanced nutrition and lots of themed contests. 400 employees from head-office, plant and branches participated in Move Week activities.


Do Like Olympians!

Project “Do Like Olympians”, initiated by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOC), added to the active lifestyle of Coca-Cola employees. In 2014 around 200 associates of both Coca-Cola Ukraine and Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine participated in the “Olympic warm-ups” led by 15 famous Ukrainian sportsmen and NOC President Sergiy Bubka. Anna Bezsonova, a famous Ukrainian gymnast and author of the “Do like Olympians” exercises, guided the events.

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